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Uploading Photos - Please Read

Unlike most dating sites, Oztaboo allows you to place photos in different albums or galleries. You can have an album for general photos and another for photos you may only want to share with your friends. 

Let's see how it works:

To upload a photo, click Photos in the main menu.

Click the Plus or Add (+) sign on the right, just above the the rotating thumbnail slide show.

The next dialog allows you to create a new album or choose an existing one. It's best to use existing albums, so click the area where it says Create New Album and a list of existing albums will appear. If you're doing this for the first time, they should be:

Member's Name Photos (We'd like to change this but it costs money). Select this Album if you wish to add a profile photo. That's the photo that appears inside the elongated graphic on your profile. For best results, this should be anything other than  your pecker, but it must be a photo of you. When you upload the photo, it should replace the previous one which you can always revert back to if you wish.

Member's Name Cover Photos (Even more money to change) Select this album only if you wish to replace the random graphic. Cover photos must be a certain size to fit properly on the page, so we don't encourage people to upload them.

Create New Album Although we don't encourage members to create endless new albums, we'd like you to create one or two:
General Photos: Click Create New Album and change the album name from today's date to General Photos. You could use other names, but this is discouraged. Leave Allow Viewing To as Members and click Continue.

Begin uploading photos and please don't forget to replace those rediculously long captions with something short and meaningful.

When you've uploaded a minimum of three (3) photos and they've been approved by Admin (usually within 24 hours), you can go to your Profile and click the Settings button just below and to the right of your cover graphic. This is the Carousel settings. In the first box (Album) select General Photos from the list. Remember, you must have three (3) photos in the General Photos gallery before the carousel will work.

Friends Only We all have photos we only want our friends to see. For example, I never post naughty photos in the General Photos Gallery. To see my rude shots, you must become a friend. Okay, so I'm a prude!

To create a Friends Only album, Go to Photos in the main menu, Click the Add (Plus button), create a new album called Friends Only and select Friends in the section Allow Viewing Album To and click Continue. Now add your Friends Only photos. They won't appear in other members timelines, nor will they appear anywhere else - except to members who are your friends. Fetlife users will be familiar with this feature. For BiAustralia users, it's similar to their fanclub feature but much easier to use.

Moving and Deleting Photos Moving photos is possible, but not easy. The best thing to do if you wish to move a photo from one album to another is delete it and re-upload it to the correct album.

To delete a photo, click the thumbnail and go to the photo. Look at the options on the right and click Delete. That's it!

There are hundreds of other features you can try, but the upload/delete procedures above can be learned in one sitting and they can't get much simpler.


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