The 'Shocking Society' was an experiment that failed. We attracted more than 300 people but very few of them were interested in meeting for sex, for friendship, or anything. Most people joined for the sake of joining. OZTABOO will be very different. Only those people who upload at least one genuine and interesting photo of themselves will be admitted. Also, you will need to create an interesting profile. 

As most of you know, I am an elderly transvestite. I am living on the memory of a smell of an oily rag. Yet I've borrowed money to have this site brought up to date and made easy to navigate. My plan is to make OzTaboo THE best, most exciting adult web site in Australia and I plan to do the whole thing for free.

Soon we will have attracted la creme de la creme of Australia's bisexual and transvestite community. No duds. No poseurs. If you want duds and poseurs there are several other sites you can join. Just type your five word profile and upload a photo of your motor bike or a penguin. Or no photo at all. Those sites don't care. All they want is your money. So go join all the other phonies, we don't want you here.

Before long, OzTaboo will be the numero-uno adult web site for thousands of deviates. And it will cost you not one cent. Spread the word.

More info - http://oztaboo.rocks

Ciao4now, head deviate - Kelly

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