-- Creating a Group

Would you like to start a special interest group? They can be a lot of fun and something to do while you're on the site. It's a fact that most people are contacted while they're online, so here's something you can do while you wait for that someone to get in touch.

You can start a group about anything except politics, religion, sport and anything distasteful, but  please don't start a group in competition to those already established. All groups must be approved and the person starting the group will be responsible for being the Group moderator.

Please don't start a group to advertise events. Please use the Events section for that. However, you can start a group for the Wombat's Sex Club and promote your "Club Only" activities there. If it's a public gathering, then you should create an Event.

Please don't start a group to promote yourself. Use your profile for that.

Groups are not to be used as a personal soapbox. If you wish to encourage discussion, please use the forum.

Suggested Groups:

People interested in Bondage
Ditto Bukkake, BDSM, Watersports, wanking, shopping, etc.

Groups can be localised - Your city, or national. They cannot be personal.

Anyone can join a group and there's no limit to the number of groups you can become a member of. You can either watch, or take part in the activities, but you mustn't  Troll (stir up trouble), Bump (keep bringing posts to the top) or Flood (post dozens of messages).

If you find a group offensive, please contact Admin and tell us why. 

It may take up to 48 hours for a new group to be approved, but remember, once you start a group we expect you to establish your own rules and moderate it.


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