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Welcome to OzTaboo!

OzTaboo is different from your standard adult web site. It's not only free to join but free to use. If at some later stage you feel like making a donation we certainly won't turn it down. But for now, pay us absolutely nothing.

So why are we spending good money to run a web site for crossdressers and bisexuals if there's nothing in it for us? Well, there is something in it for us. "Us" is really Kelly Wilde, an elderly transvestite with a lust for life and sex.

I enjoy meeting other sissy gurls and bisexual men. And if all goes well, I enjoy sharing sex with them. Because I'm paying the bills and demanding not one cent from you, I'm entitled to crack the whip (metaphorically speaking) when it comes to who joins and who gets rejected.

In a nutshell, I want only those people who are interested in themselves and their sex lives. If you are too tired to upload at least one photo of yourself, and you become exhausted when invited to write more than one short sentence, then please look elsewhere for your entertainment because your services are not required at OzTaboo. 

You will notice several people on this site who fit that description but that's because they joined ages ago, before I introduced this rule. They will gradually be deleted.

It may take a while but before long we'll end up with a site populated by genuine crossdressing gurls and bisexual men and women who genuinely want to make contact with other people. All the phoney posers will have found themselves in reject hell.

PHOTOS - a word about your photo(s) - please dump your 1940s Kodak Brownie and purchase a modern camera. I'm told that the latest iPhone has a half decent camera attached. Learn how to focus it! This is important, blurry photos do nothing for anyone. Make sure your photo is the right way up. For example, if you're standing then your head should be at the top and your feet at the bottom. Lastly, you are not a penguin, a motor bike, the Opera House or Donald Duck. Please don't upload photos of anything other than yourself.

When you join you have two weeks in which to complete your profile. You could do it immediately or within the next fourteen days.  At the moment you are a provisional or promotional member with limited access such as one message per day. Once you've completed your profile you will be made a full member with unlimited access Those who don't bother will be consigned to the rubbish bin.

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