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Remaining problems with this site
Quote · 255 days ago · 0 people like this ·

I've received a serious complaint from a member who is not happy with the photo section and the chat line. Other people might have similar complaints so I will post my reply here -

Try to calm down. I'm doing the best I can on zero funds. I've just spent almost $1,000 getting Oztaboo to the stage it's at now. That's quite a chunk out of a pension. Your photos do appear in your gallery. I've just checked and they are there. I don't know why they have gone public, it's the first time that has happened that I'm aware of. A month from now I'll have the funds to sort out the few remaining problems on this site and I'll add that to the list.

I am  not paying for a photo manipulation program. It's up to submitters to rotate their photos or do whatever needs doing before submitting them.

As for Chat, it's going to cost me more than $400 to fix that up. It will be attended to later this year. It works computer to computer but not on mobile devices. Chat is generally a waste of time anyway. People talk about sport, politics, the price of fish - anything but sex. I used to pay $120 a year to belong to a top chat site with tens of thousands of members and it was a total waste of money. Even so, I will eventually fix it up.

There are a few glitches with this site that I am aware of. That is the problem when you charge people nothing and you have no funds of your own to deal with them.

I'm doing the best I can.

Cheers, Kelly

Quote · 195 days ago · 0 people like this ·

Hi Kelly;

I am sorry that you are getting complaints but I know you are trying your best to run this site. To me it is one of the best sites I have seen on the web and you do it with your own personal funds to make it free for us users and I am very glad that you do that. Bon't worry too much about the complaints just keep up the good work.

Regards Robo

Quote · 192 days ago · 0 people like this ·

Thanks Robo


Quote · 192 days ago · 0 people like this ·

Your most welcome

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