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Crossdressing with Creepiness!
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Kelly with a lovely fat mouthful

Having been a bisexual crossdresser for the past 40 years it came as a surprise to me to discover that there are trannies who claim to get no sexual stimulation from crossdressing at all. I'm not sure that I altogether believe them but I came across an old 'Good Weekend' magazine and it featured interviews with frumpy old maidens who looked like something out of an Agatha Christie novel.


"Crossdressing with dignity" they call it. More like Crossdressing with Old Mother Hubbard. These boring old frumps are the ones who criticise me the most. They claim that I give crossdressing a bad name. Well, each to their own I say.


Everyone reading that article in 'Good Weekend' would feel little but embarrassment for the sadsack men and nothing but sympathy for their long-suffering wives. They make crossdressing sound like a miserable compulsion, a mental illness, something they need to be cured of.


For me it's an exciting, exhilarating pastime, a thing of joy and vivacity-y-y-y!


For me there's nothing sexier than prancing around in a lacy bra and frilly knickers and hopefully I'll be rewarded with a big fat cock in my mouth and/or fuckhole!


Being a bisexual and kinky crossdresser is the best of all worlds as far as I'm concerned.


So don't rock my boat and I won't rock your rocking chair.


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I love sexy crossdressers like you and would love to fuck you. That would be good having sex with you.

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That can be arranged

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mmm I love that pick of kelly but I wished it was my cock instead of that dildo

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