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A little bit of me
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I first started to visit Dougs place when it was at
Petersham. I found it really exciting. There were
heaps of people, girls guys and hot GURLS. I think I
have always been bi. When I was 18 I was watching a
porno and thought to myself when watching a girl being
fucked hard in the ass that is must feel good. I
started sucking cocks when I was in 1st form in
toilets at railway stations. Mostly the guys were my
age. I started going to the Taxi Club at 18 and would
be picked up every time I went there. Thats were I had
my first 3some.I had 2 hot asian Gurls, young and
smooth, they had cocks a little bigger than mine, I
had never had a cock in my mouth and one in my ass
before. WOW it was good. I started going to nudist
beaches 10 years ago, One day I was lying there and a
young guy came up to me and started sucking my cock.
We were so hot that we got into 69. I was sucking and
licking his ass when another tongue joined in sucking
my cock. When we changed position so I cound get his
cock into my ass I looked up and saw 6 guys watching
with there cocks out wanking. I motioned for them to
come closer and join in. I took a cock in each hand
and started sucking them. It took the 1 guy about 30
seconds to cum. He shot it straight down my throat. I
was so hot and ended up having a cock up my ass and
ended up sucking all the guys till they came. I was
covered in cum. That was a one off. Naturally I have
had heaps of 3some, both with guys and girls.
What I would like to know from anyone is if you can help me
arrange a bukkake party. I would like this to
be taped, photo's . I would like up to 6 guys, age and
looks dont matter, as long as they have nice hard
cocks. . likeminded people out there that could be interested
in kinky fun. Im on a journey and I would like to
continue expand my sexual experiences.

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Hot stuff! Isn't it great when things just work!

kellyben.jpg · 74.5K · 12 views
Quote · 251 days ago · 0 people like this ·

I would just like to have one tgirl to fuck

Quote · 248 days ago · 0 people like this ·

Than can be arranged

arsehole.jpg · 55.2K · 4 views
Quote · 247 days ago · 0 people like this ·

I am hoping it can be

Quote · 127 days ago · 0 people like this ·

Nothing has been arranged yet

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