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Still hopeful of arranging some playmates to join me in Surfers next week and the week after.anyone interested?
21d ago
I'll be in Surfers 4-14 September and will host for playmates. Any takers? Message me on here. 
27d ago
I started to like playing the part of my then school teacher, a gorgeous lady, at around the same age. Social expectations put paid to such feelings, which I didn't understand in any case.  Then at 16 I suffered a hamstring injury high on my leg. The physio at the club was treating me with heat and cold treatments to increase circulation and speed up my recovery. It also involved massages. It was during those massages, where I was on my stomach in my underpants that  the physio gathered them up be
28d ago
What does the team think? Is it good to start this young?
32d ago
I am not a Tom Cruise fan although I admit I am prejudice against Xenu the intergalactic warlord. Even so, I decided to give this one a try. The first 90 minutes were taken up with the standard American fisticuffs, gun fights, car crashes and dashes across rooftops. To be fair they were well executed but we've seen them dozens of times before. In this movie the music was louder than usual and constant. Young folk would probably have enjoyed the first 90 minutes because they haven't seen Daniel Craig dash
37d ago
Insight (ABC) recently interviewed people who are addicted to computer games. They're not all young, some women in their 40s and 50s are addicted. And the international tournaments put Amway conventions to shame. One young bloke who didn't want to divulge his earnings reckons that the top players in China earn millions of dollars per year! And so add computer games to the list of detractions that deter people from leaving home and attending anything. 
37d ago


It looks like the adventure games that were popular in the 80's. Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest etc. I don't have time to play unfortunately, but these games can be very addictive. I recall taking almost a year to solve Leisure Suit Larry with a not quite perfect score.
38d ago
The only computer game I have played is 'Chasm'. I'm not even sure if you'd call it a computer game. It's really just a challenge. I know of only one person who succeeded with this, and she cheated by asking advice from the creators. Give it a go -  
42d ago


Im attached to young girls and boys too but as society condons it i would go there 
47d ago
Did anyone catch the Andrew Denton interview on channel 7 last night? Australian porn star Angela White. She's no ditzy bimbo, in fact she has an honours degree in gender studies. I was impressed by the way she ignores all slut-shaming and moralistic put downs, in fact she's proud of her achievements. Intelligent with a keen sense of humour, Angela White runs her own porno production company. I haven't seen any of her work but I'm looking out for her from now on. Here's a photo of her -
65d ago