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Yes I would be just let me know when and where
27 Days Ago
Hi robo. Not sure what happened but I never got a notification that you'd replied. So sorry :(. I'd still love to go out some
31 Days Ago
Nothing has been arranged yet
90 Days Ago
Nobody is ever in the chatroom as they are not online when I am on need someone to be online when I am on so we can chat
95 Days Ago
Well you have never replied to this post maybe you do not want to go out
121 Days Ago
looks like i might have been correct in my assumption
121 Days Ago
Your most welcome
155 Days Ago
Thanks Robo :)
155 Days Ago
I have never been to Arrows but they it accepts people like you
156 Days Ago
I definitely accept people like you and would go out anywhere you would like as I love transexuals, transvestites and crossdr
156 Days Ago
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