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The Kelly Gang is a work in progress. I'm forming a group of friends who I relate to big time. I'm starting again from scratch. People have moved away, lost interest, become old and decrepit, or died. I'm old but not decrepit and I'm not dead yet. But I am
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As we age, our penile performance fades. Especially if we drink and even worse if we smoke. That's what Viagra is for. But there are problems with Viagra. It's expensive. It can cause headaches, and it's dangerous to take with alcohol or amyl. I spent a fu
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I don't know how it is in the UK or other countries around the world but here in Australia transvestites are rarely seen on television. No TVs on TV. Once a year we can go berserk along Oxford Street but by Sunday midday we have to slink back into our clos
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The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (plus several other initials). Parramatta railway station - the train is running late. Damn, I'll miss Dykes on Bikes. Oh, change platforms. Quick, run for your life. Train arrives, one of the old and decrepit versions - like
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i will be in Surfers 4-14 September staying alone in a nice ocean view apartment. im hoping to find a few tops or vers for extended playtime. message me on here initially.  
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THE PROBLEM Have you heard the news that's goin' 'round here? The man in charge has got to go 'Cause he dances 'round the problem, boy And the problem is the man in charge you know Now, the young knows what I'm talking 'bout It's a con in the o
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INTRODUCTION Just for the fun of it I'm going to launch my own fictitious political party. It has no hope of ever achieving anything. Why?  Because it makes sense. Let me explain - while I'm the first to admit that I'm not the brightest sparkler in the pa
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Hi, any XD like events in Sydney on Friday 1st June or ideas for some fun?
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THE FEMALE RAMPAGE AGAINST MEN One of Australia's more popular actors - Craig Mclachlan - has had his career ruined by women complaining about his inappropriate sexual behaviour. During performances of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' he, apparently, put h
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