Why I love Eddie Izzard
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Why I love Eddie Izzard

I don't know how it is in the UK or other countries around the world but here in Australia transvestites are rarely seen on television. No TVs on TV. Once a year we can go berserk along Oxford Street but by Sunday midday we have to slink back into our closets. We are fine with female to male crossdressers. Hannah Gadsby has her own weekly arts program and she's a top to tail women in men's clothing. Good luck to her. And we have a full transgender ex army woman who's name I've forgotten who frequently appears on 'The Drum'.  Good luck to her too.

We have overseas programs on SBS such as Ru Paul which feature dozens of outrageous drag queens and that's great but few of us are that extreme, besides which the two lifestyles are worlds apart. We have effeminate men who dress as men who might cross dress privately but when they appear on television they appear as men. A good example being the bloke who co-hosted the Gay Mardi Gras with Magda.

The exception to this rule is Eddie Izzard. He's British not Australian but thanks to YouTube we get to see him here. He is bold and brave enough to appear on TV as a transvestite, plain (or unplain) and simple. He has  his own style, somewhere midway between a man and woman. He always has his fingernails painted and I think he looks great. Apart from which, he's hilarious.

I'm looking forward to the day when crossdressing men are as welcome on Australian television as every other category of human being. I won't hold my breath.



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  •  Demmy: 
    I posted this some time ago, but it vanished during the spate of recent site updates which were my doing.

    Eddie's probably the same person who had a regular show on Australian television a long time ago. The name doesn't ring a bell, but his face looks familiar. I can't remember the name of the show, but it was outrageous.
    Sadly transgender in Australia has the stigma of "Men dressing as women for sex" and as you look though some of the profiles on this and other sites, it's very clear that a lot of men and possibly women, think that TV's are sex maniacs.

    The first thing we must do is change the general perception that T-Guls are trollops leaning against a lamppost waiting to give the first guy who comes along a free head job.

    Cate McGregor who I think you refer to in your blog post is one such person, but she's pretty much out there alone. Please watch some of her Youtube videos, especially the one where she discusses Margaret Court and support her wherever you can.

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