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The Revolution Party of Australia
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The Revolution Party of Australia


State governments to be abolished. They are a waste of space on the planet and an immense waste of money. When they were formed it took months to cross Australia by horse. Today we can email Sydney to Perth faster than it takes for a rider to mount his horse. Distance is of no consequence today. All we need is a handful of representatives in each state to negotiate with the federal government and everything will be fine and dandy. No more "king makers", no more criminals helping themselves to the nation's wealth.

(We have an ally. Apparently ex Prime Minister Bob Hawke read this because I heard on the news that he is in favour of abolishing state governments.)


With the exception of the Treasurer, no Revolution Party politician will be paid more than double the national average. The idea that if we pay peanuts we get monkeys is nonsense. We get monkeys regardless. Some of the most capable people I know are living on the memory of a smell of an oily rag. Me for example. I would make a better politician than most of the twerps who run the country at present. Yes, I'm quite serious. There are thousands of intelligent and capable Australians who would be happy to serve their country for a fraction of the money dolled out to the creepy poseurs we're presently lumbered with.


Religious school chaplains to be sacked and replaced with atheist school chaplains. We must ensure that children are taught scientific facts and not religious hocus pocus. Concentration camp schools such as those run by the Exclusive Brethren must be open to the public, their walls and high fences torn down and their pupils encouraged to mix with normal human beings. Such children must be given medical examinations to discover how much sexual abuse, particularly anal abuse, goes on within these secret orders of rape and stupidity. Quite frankly, I'm hard pressed to think of anything more insane than a country that gives millions of dollars each year to Waco, Texas type compounds so that mad professors, or pseudo professors, can fill their students heads with superstitious shit.


The truth must be taught. We are fond of condemning Japan for failing to teach the truth about its war crimes while remaining silent about British, American and Australian atrocities. We don't tell children about Lord Kitchener and his Gatlin gun and how he murdered over a thousand unarmed Kenyan natives in one day. Not a word about how he boasted to the London Times, "We gave them a fair dusting." Australians know nothing about King Leopold of Belgium and how he had the hands of children hacked off to encourage other children to work harder. Australian kids may hear about Colonel Custer but they'll never learn how he slaughtered entire tribes of indigenous people to clear the land for settlers. They may hear rumours about the Alamo but nothing about the massacre of families as America stole Texas from Mexico.

Movies are being made about the slave trade and how Britain, Europe and the USA benefited from it. Audiences will discover how God-loving, God-fearing, church-going Christians treated Africans with extreme hatred and cruelty and how the Christian church encouraged such behavior. After-all, God encouraged slavery and Jesus Christ condoned it. Hardly anyone knows about that because such information is kept secret. Children learn what the government and the church want them to learn, nothing more.

Australian children will never hear about the Jews who in 1948 massacred thousands of Palestinians to drive families out of Palestine. As for Australia, they'll hear about a few skirmishes between the early settlers and a few uppity aboriginal scallywags but they won't learn that early British/Australians were murdering bastards who enjoyed nothing more than slaughtering entire tribes of aborigines. No, we like to keep that under wraps. Those fucking Japanese though, they never tell the truth. TERTIARY EDUCATION

We're all for it. But instead of teaching a whole range of fun but pointless subjects we insist that universities be used to teach students stuff that's going to be useful to Australia. We'd all love to spend three years at someone else's expense studying art but what use is that to Australia? It's wonderful to be able to boast, "Oh, I have a Masters degree in literature". Really - and is anyone half or even one tenth as talented as Mark Twain who had no such degree? (http://www.ask.com/qu...) No, it's all a big wank. Sorry guys. You want to study Greek philosophy or the poems of Percy Shelley? Admirable, but you provide the money yourself.


Blind Freddy can see that the future is in electronics. The focus of education must be on electronics. Australia must become the next Silicon Valley. We can do it. Australians are not stupid. Our problem is that we are led by men without vision and without courage. Any old twaddle will do so long as they get re-elected.


Dole to be denied to any person who dresses or mutilates in such a manner as to render him or herself incapable of employment. This would include burqa wearing women and people who tattoo their faces or who otherwise disfigure themselves.


Sickness benefits will be restricted to people who are ill. Presently there are thousands of perfectly healthy people in Australia receiving life long sickness benefits simply because they complain of a stomach ache or a back pain. I personally know of a man who is on life-time disability support simply because he's overweight. He runs a dance studio though and you should see him perform the paso doble.


Mature age pensions should rise to compensate for the increasing cost of living but no more. Despite their agitating for more, most pensioners are doing very nicely thank you. One old woman who runs a campaign for more pensioner money was filmed while shopping. Everything in her trolley was a brand name, including salt. She insisted on buying the best and most expensive of everything. Thousands of working families have to make do with Woolworths, Coles or Aldi brands, why not pensioners? The idea of across the board increases for everyone including millionaires with investments, holiday homes and money in the bank is absurd. What we will do is take a look at pensioners forced to pay private rental. $400 a week out of a pension is a bit steep and I confess my personal interest here. Some people are living off the pigs back while others are struggling. Rent allowances for pensioners paying more than 80% of their income to keep a roof over their head will be increased.


Tax advantages for people who own investment properties to be abolished. Bye bye negative gearing. This is a hot potato that every government knows it should tackle but no government dares. The reason is because initially it will cause house prices to plummet and that will infuriate home owners. Tough luck. Homes are intended for what is known as living, not robbing poor people blind. The moment negative gearing is abolished thousands of homes will come on the market and it will be possible for working families who are presently locked out of the market to buy their own home. Yes the rental market will shrink but as people buy their own homes so will the demand for rental housing. There will be short term upset for long term joy. It has to happen.


Overseas investors will be allowed to buy property priced over five million dollars but nothing beneath that figure.


Everything is designed to help the rich get richer at the expense of the poor and medium income workers. Don't wait for the Labor Party to help you. The Labor party is made up of greedy bastards who earn more money than most Australians will ever see in their lifetime. They look after their own kind. The ultra wealthy in this country are allowed to set up family trusts. Their vast wealth is squirreled away in these family trusts which pay no tax. You personally can't launch a family trust because you're not rich or powerful enough. Your role is to subsidise multi billionaires like Gina Rinehart. How much tax do you think James Packer will pay once his monstrous casino is up and running? My guess is - nothing. His earnings will be invested in the Virgin Islands or Macau. Both Labor and the Coalition allow this daylight robbery to occur because James Packer is too powerful for them to oppose. They are frightened of him.

Sydney International Airport is owned by the Macquarie Bank. By robbing the public blind Macqaurie earns billions upon billions of dollars each year and yet the government allows Macquarie to pay zero tax,

Australians are treated like shit by the corporate world and there is no one to stand up for us. There is no political party in Australia with the courage to stand up to corporate billionaires and demand a fair go for the Australian tax payer. The ultra wealthy laugh all the way to their overseas banks while the ordinary working man and woman subsidises them. The Australian tax system was designed years ago to cater for the greed of the ultra wealthy at the expense of the strugglers. We will take steps to reverse that. And if the ultra wealthy threaten to leave Australia and set up business elsewhere, we'll provide pretty coloured flags to wave as they board their private planes or luxury yachts.


Automatic family support money to cease. Pregnant women will be invited to study child psychology and child health and welfare. As they pass exams they will be rewarded with a pay scale commensurate with their parenting skills. Fathers (or the second parent) who pass the exams will be able to double the family income. Parenting is THE most important job in the country and it has always seemed crazy to me that no, or very little, training is given. Any extra money this plan costs the country will be paid for out of money saved from the falling rate of violence and crime.


It will no longer be possible for crooks to rob people blind then disown their commitments, put their house or houses in their wife's name and declare bankruptcy. All funds and property to be seized and held in trust until the debts have been cleared or reduced as far as possible. When the crook is left with nothing but $1,000 to his and his wife's name he may declare bankruptcy but not until.


It will no longer be possible for so-called charities to accrue vast sums of money and spend it on directors' fees, luxury hotel complexes or resort centres for executives. Money given to charities must be spent on charity, not hoarded in overseas banks. So-called charities will be audited each year and any money earned and not spent on charity will be taxed at 100%. This includes churches and pseudo churches.


The only reason we have so much crime in society is because of soft, wishy washy laws that convince criminals they can get away with crime and even if they do get caught they'll receive just a slap on the wrist. The Revolution Party has some radical ideas how to minimise crime. The death penalty would be re-introduced for certain crimes. Automatic life imprisonment for using a firearm in the commission of a crime. Members of parole boards will consist of victims of crime. Any government that cared about crime and the damage done could minimise it.


The Westminster system of justice is probably the best in the world but unfortunately it has been hijacked by scheming barristers and judges who care little for justice and much about their status and their bank accounts. Winston Churchill said that a society can be judged by the way it treats if prisoners and I agree with him, but not for the reasons he would like. I believe our legal system has become corrupted by ultra rich barristers and judges. They have manipulated the whole process making it as complicated as humanly possible. They have done this because they earn vast sums of money from the simplest of cases. A man injures a woman and instead of a straight forward case, months or even years of considerations are tossed around. All that matters is, not the injured victim, but precedents. Dearly beloved precedents. I'm thinking in particular of a man who deliberately drove his car at two women leaving one of them maimed for life. He got just four years and chances are he'll be out in half that time.

As a result of precedents the criminal gets off lightly and to hell with justice. And wonder of wonders, the legal profession earns a fortune.

This has to change. We must revert to Common Law. Our judges and magistrates will be offered a similar salary to that of politicians - up to double the average working wage. Most will resign because in their own minds they believe they are worth a lot more. But they're not. They have demonstrated they are incapable of doing the job fairly with regard to the victims. All that matters to them is what is jokingly described as the "rehabilitation" of the criminal. Nope, we need a proper justice system, not the preposterous affair we're lumbered with at present.

Society can't function when criminals rule the roost. They may have had a poor upbringing, they may have been molested by Catholic priests or perhaps they failed at school. None of that gives anyone the right to steal from, rape, injure or murder innocent people. We must surrender the criminal element to make life safe for the majority.

Civil liberties people can offer them a home when eventually they are released from prison. Of course all this sounds dreadfully harsh but here is my point; what is the purpose of the justice system? Is it to level the playing field for those people who weren't lucky enough to receive a decent upbringing? If, due to his miserable life in an orphanage a man becomes a violent drunk, is the justice system there to try and make amends? I'm a dog lover and I know that every puppy is a beautiful puppy. But kick it and whip it and it will turn vicious. We put vicious dogs down. At present we can't put vicious humans down but I believe the purpose of the justice system should be to protect society from such people. Maybe it's not their fault they've ended up a blight on the community but we can't allow vicious men, or vicious women for that matter, to threaten society any more than we allow vicious dogs to roam the streets.

It all depends on where you focus your compassion. Do you try to give the killer an even break or do you protect the public?


Prisoners will be invited to earn their privileges by working in factories producing solar panels. We would take advice from prison staff how these privileges could be earned but any prisoner willing to learn a trade and work hard would be better off than a prisoner who chooses to vegetate. Thousands of solar panels will be produced and sold cheaply to people to install on their roofs or if they live in blocks of flats, on their balconies or wherever. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

Legal immigrants cling to their passports and other documentation. Illegal immigrants sell their passports or toss everything overboard because they have something to hide. That's the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. They claim they need refuge from tyranny and oppression. Critics believe they come here for free housing, free medical care, free schooling and cash in the hand. There is a way to separate genuine asylum seekers from cheating privilege seekers. For a full account of this method, log into ooomph.org (that's three 'o's) then scroll down to 'Asylum Seeker Remedy'.)

Afterthought: Ironic to note that we are being held hostage to a 1951 United Nations convention that insists all signatories to the convention are duty bound to accept any so-called asylum seekers that arrive on their doorstep. It's ironic because Israel has built a barbed wire fence around the southern access to its country to prevent refugees from Africa entering Israel. You are invited to read the 'I'm alright Jack' page. But first there's this -

"If anyone were to ask me for one good reason why I dislike Islam and why I am prepared to do my feeble best to deter Muslims from manipulating politics in Australia, it is because I care about humane progress. It's taken hundreds of years and thousands of lives to wrest humanity from the worst excesses of the Christian religion and the results of that victory - freethought and compassion - are beginning to dawn. The prospect of another barbaric, bronze-age religion with its cruelty to females and to animals taking hold in Australia fills me with dread. We cannot, we must not, allow Islam with its inbred hatreds and it's Sharia Law to gain influence in Australia. The future demands that we say NO to Islam."

Bruno McCartney


Gay marriage to become legal throughout the country. If anyone feels that gay people should be treated differently to everyone else then let them propose that gay people live tax free and that none of our laws apply to them.


Australia has one of the worst records of organ donation in the industrial world. The new law will state that everybody automatically becomes an organ donor and the only way to prevent that happening is to opt out. Opt out rather than opt in. And everybody who is on the opt-out register is ineligible for an organ transplant should they require one.


Presently it costs more than $6,000 to cremate a body. And that includes no service whatsoever. The actual cremation costs just $600, all the rest of the money is perks for funeral directors and other parasites. For example, $1,100 for a chipboard coffin which is going to be burned. Ikea could provide one for $100 saving a thousand dollars. Or, shock-horror, maybe we could build chipboard boxes in Australia! How's that for a revolutionary idea? Members of the public will be invited to tender for the job of bargain priced funeral director and the cost will be reduced from more than $6,000 to around $1,000. Alternatively the cost could be kept mid-way high and profits directed towards cancer research, heart disease research and so on.


Marijuana to be legalised but before anyone starts jumping for joy they should realise that if they're caught driving while under the influence, their car or truck will be automatically confiscated and sold at auction. It seems a waste to me when I learn of hoons' cars being crushed, better to sell the vehicles. If the car or rig is owned by a company then the company will pay a fine of half the value of the vehicle. The money will be used to assist victims of drunken or drugged driving. Also for more RBT units.


We'll see how the marijuana experiment goes before considering the legalisation of other drugs but one thing will change. Heroin will be made available in hospitals for terminally ill patients. Hospitals already prescribe cocaine to deaden the pain but why not give the patient a joyful and exhilarating experience on the way out? If they become addicted, so what? They're dying.


Nope. Water before profits.


The top ten most dangerous dogs in Australia will become illegal to own. No dogs, unless they attack someone in the meantime, will be put down but no more puppies to be bred or imported. I owned a magnificent German Shepherd and I've heard all the arguments about - it's not the breed it's the way they're handled - but the fact is that any dog can turn. My dog was treated with love and care and yet he once growled at a child carrying a skate board. I recognised that even the most placid and well cared for dog can turn in certain circumstances. Our first duty is to children, not to dogs or their owners.


Certain areas like Kings Cross will become no-go areas at night for police and ambos. Murders will occur at first but very soon the entire area will become infested with killers only. Everyone else will avoid the area, businesses will fail and very quickly the surviving businesses will be begging the police for the opportunity to deal with the problem of violence in the streets. When businesses are faced with financial ruin they will become incredibly co-operative with the police. Within a month the problem of street violence will become less of a problem. Not completely cured but certainly minimised.


It's odd the way people expect premier Barry O'Farrel to tackle the liquor lobby, this man hasn't the bottle to confront Coca Cola! South Australia has set the example by charging a deposit on soft drink and water bottles. The whole country will follow suit.


I've alluded to this on the home page but I want to hear one good reason why we're dumping Holden while importing buses from Sweden and Germany. Neither country is a third-world backwater that pays its workers in sacks of rice. Sweden pays its workers top money and so does Germany yet apparently it's advantageous for us to import Volvo and Mercedes Benz buses than build Holden buses. This is madness. And if Japan can build high speed bullet trains, why can't we? Jesus Christ, we don't even build the carriages ourselves! Most of our pleasure boat are imported from overseas yet oddly enough we build reasonably competent submarines. There is something massively wrong with the way this country operates. I am absolutely convinced we need a total radical shake-up or else Australia is going down the gurgler.


I've yet to meet anyone who really cares about global warming. I've met a lot of people who say they care about global warming but I've yet to meet the real deal. Everyone I know who "cares" also uses their car for pleasure and is looking forward to overseas travel. They pay no mind to the fossil fuels they're burning most days of their lives and they don't care about the fossil fuels used by boats and planes. All they care about is being seen as the sort of person who claims to care.

Tony Abbot says that climate change is crap, and so does Alan Jones. Between them they've studied climate for 2.3 seconds and so they must be right. Apparently they're experts and it suits most Australians to be guided by such people. I personally believe that global warming will prove a massive problem for future generations. But, no worries, let them deal with it. Truth be known, although they wouldn't admit it to their children who they claim to lurrrrvvvvv, that's how most parents are thinking - "I demand my right to continue destroying the planet and you and your children will have to deal with it. Tough luck."

The tiny little increments of change adopted by the Rudd government won't make a scrap of difference globally. The global population is expanding at an alarming rate. As for carbon reduction, India and China will obliterate in a day whatever we try to save in a year. A hundred years from now, due to our indifference or our feigned caring, many cities around the world will be under water. That includes cities like Sydney, London and New York. We have two choices - we either deal with it or we don't. OK - decision taken. To hell with future generations. But, please, let's be honest with our children and tell them that we really don't care. Or let's pretend we actually do believe Tony Abbott and Alan Jones. After-all, they know far more about climate than the thousands of scientists who have spent most of their adult lives studying it.

The bottom line here is, The Revolution Party has no answer to this problem. When Greens politicians want to send planes to Indonesia to bring more people here to plug into the electricity grid and drive cars, we know when we're beat.


While there is some doubt about man-made global warming (not in my mind) there is no doubt about peak oil and eventually, no oil. Oil WILL run out. Few people realise how serious that will be and I'm not going to go into great depth here. Just bear in mind that much of the food at your local supermarket is transported thousands of miles by oil fired ships and planes. All of it is trucked in by oil fired trucks. Every drug you take to relieve you of pain or keep you alive relies on oil for its manufacture. I could fill this entire page describing all the things you use that require oil for their manufacture. And when the oil's gone - what then? Surely this is so serious a problem that governments around the world should be addressing it?

Instead, when the Catholic Church encourages desperately poor people to keep procreating, politicians pay their respects to the Vatican. Most politicians are too blind and too stupid to see where we're headed. They eat fish that feed on human excrement, industrial waste and other filthy pollutants. They feed the same fish to their own children and they can't see anything wrong with the destruction of our seas and the global environment. Just keep on keeping on and everything will turn out fine and dandy.

Someone needs to wake up and address the future.


Ah huh - the elephant in the room. Well, everyone except for Dr Helen Caldicott and me is convinced that it could never happen. If it does happen, all the above ideas will become null and void in an instant. As the American, Russian and Chinese fleets head towards the southern hemisphere, we'll have to wave white flags with the words "Special Relationship" emblazoned thereon. And then we'll keep our fingers crossed that the warring escapees won't interfere too much with our lives. Perhaps they'll leave us with a tin or two of baked beans. Heinz of course.


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