The Kelly Gang
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The Kelly Gang

The Kelly Gang is a work in progress. I'm forming a group of friends who I relate to big time. I'm starting again from scratch. People have moved away, lost interest, become old and decrepit, or died. I'm old but not decrepit and I'm not dead yet. But I am mystified. I don't understand why people I met a year or so ago have disappeared from the universe. 

Fay, Tiffany, Brett, where da fuck are ya? We need you. Wendy Bigcock has resurfaced. Carla Bigcock has resurfaced. Shantelle has survived and thrived. Candy went missing for a while but she was discovered sucking lollipops in George Street. Where is everybody else? 

I don't know what's going on. 

Here's the deal. I'm reforming the Kelly Gang but there are rules. Leave your smart phone in the car. Go without if for an hour or two. If you can't survive on planet Earth without your twiddlebox then please stay home. 

I'm from a different era and I suffer from twiddlebox phobia. Life nowadays is all about apps... apps... apps.... No sex thanks, just apps.

To my weary eyes the world has gone mad.

What I'm trying to do is form a friendly group of appless perverts who want to meet up for friendship and sex.

Either leave your twiddlebox in your car or insert it up your anal holster.

Realistically, switch the damned thing off. It won't die, and neither will you.

 Ciao4now, Kelly



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