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Small Dick Syndrome
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Small Dick Syndrome


Let's see now, we've got hundreds of magazine articles discussing the size of women's breasts, plus TV programs. We've got vagina monologues, dialogues and blogologs. Billions of words are devoted to women's buttocks, thighs and waistlines. And since type-two diabetes took off, men's bellies get a mention. But when was the last time you saw an article devoted to men's dicks? I don't mean gay cock-worship stuff, I mean serious and sensible information and advice.

OK, perhaps this is a first but I'm going to discuss something that affects me - Small Dick Syndrome. It's an embarrassing subject and most men, particularly those of us with undersized dicks, have nowhere to turn for information and support. It's an important issue because hundreds of thousands of men, probably millions, all around the world, suffer in silence.

Most of us don't realise that we're under sized until we reach early puberty and we're showering with the other boys after sport. That's when the ribbing begins, the snide remarks and the cruel jokes. Some of us become so embarrassed and ashamed that we can't pee at the urinal, we have to lock ourselves in a cubicle in order to relax sufficiently for the urine to flow. And this becomes a life-long habit, even into our sixties and seventies. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations when we're busting to take a leak but there's only one cubicle and a long queue. We'll make some excuse to vacate the building and scamper around the corner looking for a bush or a dark space to relieve ourselves.

Sex with women puts us under an enormous strain. What's she going to think? Will she be cruel or kind? Sometimes the kindness is worse than the cruelty. I've lost count of the times I've been told, "It's not what you've got, it's how you use it". Problem is, when you're totally embarrassed and under stress there's every chance you're going to lose your erection and fail totally. It was bad enough for me back in the 1950s and 1960s but with stealth and cunning I could sometimes find girls who were virgins and who had never seen a big dick and therefore they had nothing to compare it to.

Nowadays with ready access to pornography, and girls as young as twelve seeing what's available, even guys with average sized dicks must sometimes feel inadequate. How we envy those 10 inch Goliaths - some people have all the luck. Being an efeminate bisexual transvestite certainly helped me deal with my problem. As a youth I was tall, slim, narrow in the shoulder, shapely legs, perky buttocks and quite good looking. I didn't realise it at the time but I must have been quite attractive to gay and bisexual men, especially when dressed as a schoolgirl! Now I'm old, fat and ugly - wish I could turn back the clock and start again with renewed confidence - but that's unlikely to happen.

But on my knees with a cock in my mouth, or maybe bent over with a cock up my arse, I felt I was being of service to humanity. I wasn't completely useless, I was giving pleasure and some guys used to visit time and time again so they must have found me appealing despite my lack of manhood, or maybe because of it.

Medical science is discovering all sorts of things about genes and chromosones and the like and I read somewhere that guys with my physical characteristics, quite girlie, are unusual but not altogether rare. It's something to do with extremes of XX and XY chomosones, or something. It made me feel better knowing that I'm not a freak, there is actually a medical name for men with feminine bodies. I've never felt like a woman trapped in a man's body, more just a sissy trapped in an unjust world. But boy, did I work hard at convincing people of my masculinity. Joined the Merchant Navy as a deck boy, learned to walk like a man, talk like a man, drink like a man, smoke like a man, fight like a man... and for what? To convince people I was something I was not.

Had it not been for my bisexuality I suspect that life would have been unbearable. And I sometimes wonder how young guys today cope with their problem. I wouldn't mind betting that thousands of suicides dismissed as "He was suffering from depression" are actually due to small dick sydnrome. Maybe some of these school massacres are triggered by repressed rage due to small dick frustration. Few things make you more depressed and angry than sexual inadequacy and the jesting that accompanies it.

To make us feel even worse about our condition we now have TV ads depicting young hoons revving their engines to feel important and women giving the 'small dick' finger signal. They're very effective ads, and necessary. Whether hoons are likely to take any notice is debatable, but they sure make us small dick guys feel miserable. I'm lucky, I'm past worrying now, but I really do feel sorry for the younger guys who've somehow got to face the world knowing they're a laughing stock to be insulted and humiliated.

I don't know what the answer is, there probaby isn't one. Sure there are penis enlargement operations but they are painful, enormously expensive and not a lot of use. As for penis expanding pumps, I'm told the effects are only temporary, although some guys get off on the experience. The only piece of advice I can offer is - be a glass half full person, not a glass half empty person. Very, very few people on this planet are perect, maybe only one in a thousand. Almost everyone has what they perceive to be defects. And I know that this advice has been done to death, but the truth is you could be far worse off. There are millions of people in the world with serious disabilities. Their health problems are so massive that they would see your problem as hardly worth a mention. They would give anything to exchange their body for yours. Find ways to lead a rich, full and rewarding life, don't pour all your energy into worrying about what you can't do, concentrate and develop what you can do.

Ciao4now, Kelly

PS: I've uploaded a recent photo.

Kelly · 1756 days ago
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  •  misty_summers: 
    i dont care that my penis is tiny, i dont use it to have sex. plus having a tiny one means i can hide it better when i wear girls clothes
     301 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Jaysexything: 
    I'm proud of my small penis because it looks so cute and most men will get turned on by a small penis
     361 days ago 
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  •  rayfrombondi: 
    SOB SOB help my inadequacy is weighing me down ha ha
     775 days ago 
    -1 point
  •  Kelly: 
    Hi Tonya, yes, I've met several other guys in the same boat. We're not as rare as you might think.
     1587 days ago 
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  •  tonya: 
    Hi Kelly, That is one of the best letters I have ever read, it decribes my life and what it is like to have a small cock its just so true and I ahave felt that for nearly 60 of my 69 years I have only felt comfortable with others like me,,but I have nevr been with anyone smaller than mine, and thanks again for your comments you make me feel maybe I may also have a use in life
    regards Tonya xxx
     1636 days ago 
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30.04.2013 (1756 days ago)
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