STIFFIES - Your salvation!
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STIFFIES - Your salvation!

As we age, our penile performance fades. Especially if we drink and even worse if we smoke. That's what Viagra is for. But there are problems with Viagra. It's expensive. It can cause headaches, and it's dangerous to take with alcohol or amyl. I spent a full year searching for an alternative. I tried more than a dozen different "miracle" cures. Finally someone recommended Stiffies. (Not their real name but I don't speak Korean). 

Here's the thing - Stiffies are made mostly from Korean ginseng. Not the sort of fake crap you can by from Australian pharmacists but the real thing. Mixed with three other herbs it makes for a potent cock stiffener. Excuse the crudeness but that's what we're after, isn't it? I'm 76 years old and they work for me. No, they don't make me as potent as a fifteen year old schoolboy. Let's be realistic. At my age I'm lucky to still have a dick. And here's the thing, Stiffies give me an erection that lasts as long as I need it to and continues to work for me two or three days later. 

Stiffies will cost you just $60 for ten, Six dollars each. That's pretty damned cheap. Try them, I'll post them anywhere in Australia at no extra cost. Or I'll meet you in Parramatta at a day and time that suits you. Preferably not mornings. Go here for more info -

Cheers, Kelly

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