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My Fetlife blog

American bloggers are generally more prolific than British or Australian bloggers. There are a few exceptions, such as the lovely young Sydney lady I'm in touch with who loves being taken to sex shops and forced to suck cocks through glory holes. In view of people's honesty I contributed a profile which is similar to my oztaboo profile, except that it includes my attitude towards slutty women and religion.


Mature-aged sissy transvestite. Totally submissive, couldn't play the dom role (with men) for quids. Not big in the goods department but I'm told the basement area is well worth a visit.

(I'll add something here. People laugh at guys with small dicks, it's a big joke. Do you have any idea how many young men commit suicide because of it? Of course not, no one does. It's all put down to depression. I'm lucky because mine grows to a reasonable size but I've put up with society's jibes my entire life. Fortunately, being a feminine sissy boi saved me from feeling totally useless. I found ways of being useful and desirable. Sought-after even.)

I organise small parties for Sydney Sissies and gay/bi men who like to service us. All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome. On Fetlife, go to events and look for 'Perverts Anonymous'.

I enjoy meeting other sissy gurls for dressing together, erotic photography, kissing, sucking, anal dilating etc. When it comes to gay/bi men I prefer guys in my own age group (50-75) give or take a few years. I'm not really interested in meeting young body-beautiful types, they're impossible to please. With sissy gurls - no such reservations.

I'm bisexual not gay. Slutty women turn me on big time. To me the word "slut" is a compliment, not an insult. I'm a slut myself so I should know. To me, SLUT stands for Sexually Liberated Uninhibited Treasure. I believe they call it an acronym - Alphabet Characters Rostered Orderly to Nudge Your Memory.

I trained my ex wife to be a slut and there was nothing more exciting than watching huge-dicked guys fuck her mouth and cunt. I used to take photos of the action. Black and white transparencies that I'd develop myself.  We weren't into anal in those days but I'm sure she would have learned to accept multiple cocks up her arsehole. She was a magnificent SLUT. We broke up for reasons other than sex.

I'd love to meet another woman just like her. I wouldn't force her to do anything that I wouldn't thoroughly enjoy myself. I'm Christian like that.

Actually, as it happens, I'm a radical atheist, just not impressed with "omnipotent" deities who turn their back on the suffering of children. Either they're powerless and can't help, or they're powerful and can't be bothered to help. Either way, fuck 'em.

My meetup web site is []


I also have what I call a kinky scrapbook blog - stuff that I've scribbled or stuff that I've found - quotes, photos, toons and videos - that I've chosen to sellotape into one blog. There's something to offend everyone:


Also, for guys with difficulties -

Erection tablets - []

Love you with all my mouth - Ciao4now, Kelly


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