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Times have changed. The days of the big parties are over but I'm building a circle of friends who are genuine sissy sluts, or horny men who want to service us. I'm befriending those members on Oztaboo with an interesting profile and a slutty photo.

I have access to a small venue in Parramatta that we can use twice a month, one evening and one daytime. I will help members from other states and areas who want to set up a similar sex circle of friends.

Ciao4now, Kelly

admin · 280 days ago
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  •  robo1957: 
    Hi Kelly I know a friend of yours karentgurl and she was wondering if you still held the parties you held.
     71 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    1 point
  •  admin: 
    Due to the 'Events' page playing up I'm posting events on the meetup group - http://meetup.com/Sydney-Sissies
     248 days ago 
    1 point
  •  Anonymous: 
    Hi all. Pete here. I'm a daytime only player and unfortunately for me, I live at the eastern beaches so getting out to Parra in Sydney's all day peak hour traffic and back home in time is a major problem. I did manage to get to your Place a number of times,Kel. But I was soo rushed and stressed about making it home on time.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say "Well done" at keeping our group dressing alive . You do a supreme job Kelly.
    Have fun gurls and suck some cock for me.
     249 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    1 point
  •  vicki: 
    I'm in for the day time, Desperately in need of human contact,
     251 days ago 
    1 point
  •  mixtures: 
    HI Kelly, can you tell me how i find out more about the daytime fun
     272 days ago·3 replies3 replies 
    2 points
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18.04.2017 (280 days ago)
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