Craig Mclachlan's ruined career
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Craig Mclachlan's ruined career


One of Australia's more popular actors - Craig Mclachlan - has had his career ruined by women complaining about his inappropriate sexual behaviour. During performances of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' he, apparently, put his hand up women's skirts, attempted to fondle some women, and prior to that he tried to kiss a woman who wasn't interested in him.

Now I'm not suggesting it's OK to do this, although I must be honest and admit I have been guilty of similar behaviour. When I was a young man I even tried to touch women's breasts. OK, call me evil. Call me demonic. Have me castrated. Although it's a bit late now, I'm 76 and need Stiffies to raise a hard-on.

But to me, there is a big difference between the cruel and forceful behaviour of Harvey Weinstein and the mischievous activities of Craig Mclachlan.

OK, so he was an idiot but millions of other men have been guilty of such frivolous behaviour. For example, just about every rock musician who picked up a guitar. Ask Paul McCartney whether the Beatles ever misbehaved. Or Keith Richards. Or Rod Stewart. Or Robert Plant. When teenage groupies were desperate to be fucked by rock stars, to earn another feather in their caps, did rock stars perhaps take advantage of the situation? Only some times, to be sure.

And should we now expose them all?

When I was about 13 at Boy Scouts, the cub master came onto me big time. Always offering to "massage" my legs. At camps he would try to feel me up inside my sleeping bag. When I was 17 in Montreal I got hit on by an elderly French man who tried to drag me into a toilet block.. At sea, when the older sailors got drunk some of them would flash their dicks at me and say, "Come on darling suck this". In Belfast a priest befriended me and insisted I play 'rolly-poly down a grassy slope. And once at Freemantle a strong man held me down and tried to kiss me, and yes, that was quite scary.

However, none of this affected me. I just assumed similar things happened to most young boys and youths and we just had to deal with it. We got on with our lives.

I'm not talking here about the rape of young children by clergy, just standard every-day come-ons by older blokes.

I think that some of these complaining women - these career destroyers - should compare their comfortable lives to those of Syrian children seeing their families bombed to death.

My message to Australian women is - Get the fuck over it.


I'm Kelly and I am not perfect. How about you?

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    Life can be so unfair
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    Nothing like that ever happened to me. In fact , as a kid I waited on street street corners for years waiting for someone to pick me up and nobody ever did. They I waited 60 years to officially become a dirty old man who might be able reciprocate, and they went and changed the rules!
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