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i will be in Surfers 4-14 September staying alone in a nice ocean view apartment. im hoping to find a few tops or vers for extended playtime. message me on here initially.  
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This is brilliant
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THE PROBLEM Have you heard the news that's goin' 'round here? The man in charge has got to go 'Cause he dances 'round the problem, boy And the problem is the man in charge you know Now, the young knows what I'm talking 'bout It's a con in the o
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I have a lover, only casual for now ,and he likes playing with my boobs but I would like to increase their size a little without a Doctors prescription. Any ideas gurls?  Fannie 
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INTRODUCTION Just for the fun of it I'm going to launch my own fictitious political party. It has no hope of ever achieving anything. Why?  Because it makes sense. Let me explain - while I'm the first to admit that I'm not the brightest sparkler in the pa
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My family has an annoying habit of living till their mid eighties so I might hang around for a while yet. Or I might drop dead tonight. Who knows? Who can tell? No one. It's all luck of the draw. My best friend - twenty years younger than me - has recently
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Back in the mid 1960s I met an elderly gay guy. He would invite young transvestites to his luxury home in North London for - as he called it - "Nights in Pink Knickers". It was a send up of a Moody Blues song. Don't worry if you are so young you don't know
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Great selection, not exactly what I would have chosen but pretty damned close. I've been collecting records since the mid 1950s (I'm 76 now) and I still love my music. At one time I had over 4,000 records but I had to sell most of them. Someone once asked
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I'm going to upload this to Windows Movie Maker, delete the sound track and install something by the Rolling Stones instead.
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