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Latest News
OZTABOO - La creme de la creme of Australia's bisexual and transvestite community!
123 days ago
The OzTaboo Blog - something to offend everyone!
1457 days ago
Public videos
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Almost booked out on meetup and fetlife. Two places left.  http://meetup.com/Sydney-Sissy-Socialites
admin · 13 days ago

  Details at http://meetup.com/Sydney-Sissy-Socialites
admin · 20 days ago

Who here loves to stare at their own cock, wet and frothey from being jerked and pulled for hours, it twitching and pulsating, purple rod of pure lust soaring high over the shaved pubic bone. Yuuuummmmy
Jaysexything · 21 days ago

Details at http://meetup.com/Sydney-Sissy-Socialites
admin · 31 days ago

Times have changed. The days of the big parties are over but I'm building a circle of friends who are genuine sissy sluts, or horny men who want to service us. I'm befriending those members on Oztaboo with an interesting profile and a slutty photo. I have
admin · 67 days ago
Public photos
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17.04.2017 11:29
Posted by admin
For a full explanation of what I'm trying to achieve, members are invited to check http://oztaboo.org org not com
18.04.2017 20:27
Posted by admin
Thanks new members for uploading photos. To be featured you need to make one of your pics an Avatar.
18.04.2017 21:42
Posted by admin
I've just updated the blogger blog -http://oztaboo-rave.blogspot.com.au
19.04.2017 07:53
Posted by misty_summers
This sissy school girl just here to say hello :)
20.04.2017 12:31
Posted by admin
Stiffies.online - no more floppy dick!
20.04.2017 19:16
Posted by Bubbles_OTool
Any Adelaide folk here?
21.04.2017 02:41
Posted by admin
Misty is from Adelaide
24.04.2017 02:27
Posted by admin
Tammy_Dawson - emails to you are bouncing. Please check you email address. Thanks, Kelly
25.04.2017 05:31
Posted by misty_summers
this site seems kinda slow...where is all the action?
25.04.2017 20:09
Posted by admin
It's kinda slow because it's kinds small. Building up a genuine membership rather than fabricating fake contacts.
25.04.2017 20:10
Posted by admin
People joining without a photo can guarantee to be ignored.
26.04.2017 05:31
Posted by misty_summers
so how far does this "taboo" site allow. say like with fetlife they dont allow incest, bestiality and stuff like that. only really asking due to the meaning of the word taboo would allow anything really
26.04.2017 06:21
Posted by admin
Realistically, no site is going to allow you to post items that will get the site closed down and the administrator arrested.
27.04.2017 08:55
Posted by admin
Jenny-XXXX - Your Avatar appears on the third page of featured photos. Thank you for uploading sexy pics.
08.05.2017 00:01
Posted by admin
OK, we've struck another problem. The videos don't work and other stuff. Be patient, help is at hand.
12.05.2017 22:29
Posted by admin
Good question. I will investigate
15.05.2017 06:16
Posted by admin
Check Cathy's profile. She puts five-word muppets to shame.
17.05.2017 06:51
Posted by admin
Apparently so and I will get that fixed, but my point was, what difference does it make?
17.05.2017 06:53
Posted by admin
NEW MEMBERS - Please note - your application will be rejected unless you upload at least one genuine photo of yourself and write an interesting profile.
17.05.2017 08:23
Posted by admin
New Meetup group launched - http://meetup.com/Sydney-Sissy-Socialites
19.05.2017 22:40
Posted by admin
The 'Events' page is playing up right now so I'm posting the events on the Meetup group - http://meetup.com/Sydney-Sissy-Socialites
22.06.2017 09:23
Posted by admin
Members without photos. Members with boring profiles. Prepare to be ignored by everyone, same as you ignore others with a profile as boring as yours.
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