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The OzTaboo Blog - something to offend everyone!
1218 days ago
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The Shocking Society supports two Australian political parties - The Australian Liberty Alliance (see links beneath here) and the Australian Sex Party. We welcome deviates and perverts of every persuasion. I personally am an atheist but members of the Shoc
admin · 34 days ago

STATE GOVERNMENTS ABOLISHED State governments to be abolished. They are a waste of space on the planet and an immense waste of money. When they were formed it took months to cross Australia by horse. Today we can email Sydney to Perth faster than it takes
Kelly · 1022 days ago

 1. Ferdinand the Bull About a bull who was dragged from his field and trained to fight in the ring. But he wasn't interested. No matter how much he was prodded and poked by the picadors and the matadors he wasn't interested in fighting. Eventually he was
Kelly · 1277 days ago

  Let's see now, we've got hundreds of magazine articles discussing the size of women's breasts, plus TV programs. We've got vagina monologues, dialogues and blogologs. Billions of words are devoted to women's buttocks, thighs and waistlines. And since typ
Kelly · 1277 days ago

My Life as a Pervert! Kelly's honest account of being a bisexual transvestite. I'm looking for a publisher. Meanwhile you can check it out for free at KellySissyKnickers.com or via my bio at sissypervert.info X0X Kelly
Kelly · 1317 days ago
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22.08.2016 09:08
Posted by admin
The latest Sydney meetup group is http://meetup.com/frillseekers-club
04.09.2016 10:32
Posted by admin
My facebook account is http://facebook.com/kellywilde
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